Jennifer, an assistant at a diamond brokerage, accompanies her elderly boss on a business trip to Rio. Her first night ends in horror when she finds her boss murdered. Four nights later, a mysterious man steals into her hotel room and saves her from a storm of bullets. Her rescuer identifies himself as Stratton, an investigator. He skillfully dodges Jennifer's many questions and gives her two choices: come with him and live or stay at the hotel and die. Jennifer chooses to live.

Ex-mercenary Stratton has been hired by the International Diamond Dealers Association to find a murderer and a diamond thief. He follows Jennifer and her boss to Rio after suspecting they are involved. When Jennifer's boss turns up dead, Stratton snatches her and decides to keep her until he can figure out her connection to the killings. As the body count rises and they race to stay one step ahead, Stratton realizes the only thing Jennifer's guilty of is stealing his heart.

David's latest entertains with high suspense and compelling international intrigue. But too many suspects and secondary plots slow down the action. (Jul., 448 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell