Kelsey Bryant thought her marriage to Jarred was over, when a tragic accident brings them back together. Jarred was piloting a plane which crashed, killing the other passenger, Kelseys childhood friend Chance. But what was Chance doing on that plane in the first place? Jarred and Chance were not friends, and Chance has always had a problem with substance abuse.

When Jarred wakes up in the hospital, there are large gaps in his memory. The only person he trusts is Kelsey. When the police report that the plane crash was no accident, Kelsey and Jarred realize something is very wrong at Bryant Industries.

Jarreds half-brother Will suspects that Kelsey might have something to do with their current business losses, since she works for their competitor. Jarred however is not convinced. They had better uncover the truth before another attempt is made on either Jarred or Kelsey.

Long-time historical favorite Janelle Taylor again branches out into contemporary romance. NOT WITHOUT YOU is certain to please Ms. Taylors multitude of fans. (Jun., 349 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith