Image of The Notebooks of Madame B: Ecstasy


Image of The Notebooks of Madame B: Ecstasy

For those who like erotica in small helpings, here's another naughty collection from Madame B. In book three, she
pushes boundaries with 10 more risque,
pulse-pounding escapades. The explicit sex scenes and blunt language will not
disappoint those looking for a quick thrill.

At first, he was just another "Hard Hat," until a daydream becomes a reality. In "Model Misbehavior," a fashion model takes a risk in pursuit of the ultimate orgasm. Two roommates share more than an apartment in "Toy Story," while in "Bossy," Donna's inner dominatrix comes out. A couple looks for new thrills in "The Car-Ma Sutra," and a stressed-out businesswoman gets special treatment at a "Steaming" sauna.

A struggling magazine assistant becomes "A Working Girl" because she's hard up for cash. Nina has a shocking encounter with a stranger in "Ash," and a chance meeting changes a young woman's life in "All Tomorrow's Parties." Finally, in "Water Baby," a story not for the fainthearted, a woman pushes her boundaries. (TARCHER, Jan., 208 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski