This is a wonderfully entertaining
story about one woman's frantic
quest to secure the top place in her boyfriend's life, although -- unbeknownst to her -- her place was
never in jeopardy to start with. Gehrman's fast-paced, journal-style writing will engage readers. Gwen dishes details about her life, love
and fears that readers might not
have been privy to in a traditional
first-person story.

For a road trip up north to attend a wedding with her boyfriend and his best "girl" friend, Marla gives Gwen a journal in which she can write her feelings.

It turns out to be a lifesaver. Gwen struggles with intense feelings of jealousy, sabotage from the evil best friend and a deep longing to belong. All the while she wonders if her current boyfriend will make it past the three-month mark -- the point at which she's dropped all her other boyfriends -- and if she really want him to. (Red Dress Ink, Jan., 317 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen