Image of Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher, No. 12)


Image of Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher, No. 12)

Jack Reacher returns, as stubborn and provocative as always. Fans of the series will delight in the way Child sets up a simple mystery -- centering around a secretive small town -- that's systematically worked out in his antihero's usual won't-back-down fashion. Reacher has both the brains and the brawn -- and they're as formidable as ever in this gripping novel.

Reacher's traveling west, drifting as always, but he gets in big trouble when he steps over the line between Hope and Despair -- quite literally. These two Colorado towns may seem similar on the surface -- with their gas stations and truck-stop restaurants and quiet blocks -- but there's an uneasy undercurrent in Despair. When Reacher tries to get coffee, four deputies accost him and a judge orders him out of the paranoid factory town.

With the help of a female cop from Hope, Reacher gets to the bottom of what's really happening in Despair, including why some young men seem to be disappearing into the night, and what's really happening behind the factory's fortress-like walls. (DELACORTE, Jun., 416 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino