Image of Nothing Personal


Image of Nothing Personal

A story based on so many cliches -- secretary secretly loves her boss, forced to marry boss in order for him to inherit company -- shouldn't be enjoyable. But this one is, because Burton's writing style puts a fresh spin on an old storyline. Her characters have depth and they're likable despite their flaws.

CEO and multimillionaire Ryan McKay needs a wife immediately or he'll lose control of his family's corporation. According to his grandfather's will, Ryan has to marry and produce an heir. He's running out of options, until he realizes the answer to his problem is right under his nose.

Faith Lewis has been Ryan's executive assistant for years and has loved him for just as long. It's her dream come true when Ryan asks her to marry him. She knows intellectually that this is a business arrangement, but emotionally she is in over her head. Will Faith be able to keep their relationship impersonal and protect her heart from being broken? (SAMHAIN, Jun., 208 pp., $11.50)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson