Image of Nothing But Trouble


Image of Nothing But Trouble

Melanie Summers hires Stoney Buxton to guide her into the Wyoming wilderness to prove to her father that she can take care of her diabetes well enough to handle an expedition to Kenya that she wants to take.

Stoneys not relishing a month in the wilderness with a spoiled city girl, however sexy she is. But Melanies a gal who gets what she wants, and Stoney takes her on, though with reservations. Also, the money shes offering will solve a lot of problems for himhis parents medical bills and a balloon payment on a mortgage. Theres a lively attraction between them, but Melanie has something to prove and is determined not to be distracted.

As they go deeper into the wilderness, their mutual attraction deepens. When a sudden storm frightens her horse, Melanies medications disappear with it and she faces far more danger than what the wilderness offers.

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE has a simple, straight-line plotthe story comes across as sort of a clothesline on which the author has pegged sexual desire and fulfillment. But if youre looking for an afternoon of simple entertainment, you may enjoy this one. (dl $4.00, dk $5.00, pb $10.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sunnye Tiedemann