It was a bold scheme, marry the wealthy Avery Sinclair to save her ancestral home, and one that Velvet Moran is determined to see through.

However, there is one man who would do whatever he could to see her fail. Jason Sinclair has been tormented by memories of the past, by a tragic murder that changed his life and obsessed with enacting his revenge against a killer and clearing his name. He needs Velvet to complete his plan, so he kidnaps her to prevent her from wedding his brother Avery.

Drawn to her gentle captor, Velvet eventually understands Jason's situation and vows to help him. Determined to expose her betrothed as a ruthless, greedy man will not be easy but together she and Jason become embroiled in a complex plan.

As their passions explode they are pulled into a dangerous game. Yet even as they work to trap the villain they are being stalked by another.

Readers will be whisked along by Kat Martin's exciting adventurous romance. NOTHING BUT VELVET is an armchair-gripping tale that will keep you up all night. SENSUAL (July, 362 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin