A woman's unbending grit and determination enrich best-selling author Janet Dailey's new tale of the modern west. A highly entertaining read.

In the mind of some of the towns people of Friendly, Nevada, Eden Rossiter got away with murder fourteen years ago under the guise of self-defense. She claims that Jeff DePard tried to rape her, but his older brother Duke refuses to believe it. He has done his best to destroy her, and now Eden may lose her ranch unless she can get her herd to market.

Ex-rodeo rider Kincade Harris was just passing through Friendly when his truck burst a water hose. That night Kincade makes a bitter enemy of DePard when Kincade rescues Eden from one of the rancher's attacks. When DePard's hired thugs beat him up, Kincade just gets more stubborn. Kincade decides to stay and work for Eden, who is both grateful and wary of him. She owes the man for his rescue and desperately needs the help, but there is something about him that is both attractive and unnerving.

When DePard's sabotage of Eden's ranch turns violent, she knows that only a wild and desperate scheme will save her ranch and her possible future with Kincade.

(May, 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith