Before his imprisonment, Lord Jason Baston was known as the Cobra, Englands most infamous mercenary. He gains his release from prison by accepting a mission to assassinate Lord Fontaine, an Englishman who has turned traitor. To find him, Jason must first locate Fontaines daughter, Destiny.

When Destiny Fontaine Chesterfield learns her father is in danger, she vows to rescue him. While she plans to sail away on a ship run by cutthroats, shes haunted by memories of a handsome man she met briefly. For some odd reason, the boats ugly captain reminds her of the sensual stranger.

As they cross the high seas, the clash of wills between Destiny and Jason, disguised as the captain, erupts. And ultimately Jason is torn between patriotic duty and passion.

Seething with deep emotions and brimming over with plot twists and masterfully crafted characters, this is a spellbinding page-turner. You never know what will happen next as Ms. Sutcliffe skillfully leads you through a maze with her vivid prose and colorful descriptions of high seas adventures and the violence of the Sepoy rebellion. NOTORIOUS is a winner, in which potent passion combines with wild adventure. SENSUAL (Nov., 354 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin