Image of Notorious Atherton (Rebellious Sons) (Volume 3)


Image of Notorious Atherton (Rebellious Sons) (Volume 3)

From one of the masters of historical romance comes the third book in the Rebellious Sons series. With her powerful voice, Rice presents the reader with a laid-back, rakish hero and a heroine whose tongue is as sharp as the sword she is adept at wielding. Mayhem, French spies and the return of a few characters from her previous books all make for a delightfully delicious, sensual gem of a read.

No one knows of the Honorable Nicholas Atherton’s nefarious past, especially not his family. When he is called upon to act as translator and bodyguard for the visiting Princess Elena Marone of Mirezian, Nick’s frivolous life changes. With notification of an inheritance, and in London at the invitation of her mentor Lady Belden, Nora Adams delivers her mother’s missive to the princess, and is quite taken aback when Elena informs her that they are cousins. But more unsettling is that the resemblance between them is remarkable. On a mission of her own, Elena convinces Nora to change places and promises to return shortly. The only one who is not fooled is Nick. When the princess does not return, Nora and Nick go after her. Their search takes them not only into each other’s arms but on a dangerous quest to foil French spies and avoid any embarrassing diplomatic problems. As he and Nora fall in love, Nick sheds his persona and finally comes into his own, but at what cost? (PATRICIARICE.COM, Oct., 277 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond