Cornick introduces her Bluestocking Brides trilogy with Rachel Odell, daughter of antiquarians who travel the world digging up interesting artifacts, and Cory, Lord Newlyn, who loves the work and has traveled with the Odell family off and on since he was about 11.

Rachel doesn't like digging, or traveling. She longs for a settled life, while Cory longs for her to stop thinking of him as a brother. While he's trying to convince her of his love and to admit her own passion, his friend, the Duke of Kestrel, enlists Cory and several others to romance the ladies. He needs a female spy for the French.

The spy intrigue and the search for buried treasure add to the intense sexual tension between best friends who are discovering they're actually in love. This is a very entertaining book that promises to be a highly readable series. SENSUAL (Jul., 297 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger