In the second book of the Swanlea Spinsters, the only man who can help Lady Helena Laverick find her missing sister is the one she dislikes: Londons Daniel Brennan.

Reluctantly, Daniel agrees to take on the search, even permitting Helena to come along. To save her reputation and not to arouse suspicion, Daniel decides that they must travel as husband and wife.

At first, being in such close quarters begins to grate on each others nerves, but that gives way to sexual chemistry.

As the danger mounts, the sparks that fly between them catch fire. But their relationship is put on hold when they are taken prisoner by the men they are tracking. Will they be able to put the lies and insecurities behind them once they are out of danger?

A NOTORIOUS LOVE is an entertaining romp mixed with adventure and humor that arises whenever Lady Helena tries to follow the rules in Mrs. Nunleys Guide to Etiquette for Young Ladies. Readers will savor this charming, delightful and tender confection. SENSUAL (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager