Image of Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane)


Image of Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane)

As always Hoyt infuses her pleasurable love stories with marvelous characters, a depth of passion and the joy of love, and she does this with the ease of a master storyteller. She spins a lush fairy tale that sweeps readers away and her deep-sigh reads are always a treat.

Lady Hero Batten, sister to the Duke of Wakefield, is as kind as she is beautiful, which is why she is perfect as fiancée to the staid Marquis of Mandeville. But then, in the heart of St. Giles, she encounters her fiancé’s notorious brother, Griffin Remmington, Lord Reading.

Griffin is shocked to find Hero in the city’s den of iniquity, even if it is where he runs his business, and he insists on escorting her when she visits the orphanage she supports. Hero is stunned by her reaction to him. He is far from perfect, but he calls to her hidden spirit of adventure and she enjoys their battle of wits and wills. Griffin is fascinated by Hero, whom he considers too good for his brother — and much too good for him. However as Hero’s wedding draws closer and their friendship becomes much more, Griffin’s enemies plot to threaten their happiness. (VISION, Feb., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin