NOW AND FOREVER is talented historical author Elizabeth Sherwood's (AKA Elizabeth Ann Michaels) foray into the eerie realm of ghostly-tinged romantic fiction. Her marvelous storytelling abilities are showcased as she deftly escalates the emotional tension between two extremely passionate and strong-willed individuals to reveal the legacy of passion, loyalty and commitment that runs deep in their souls. A most engaging read!

Oakwood Plantation has represented the continuity of the Quaide Family for generations. Passion for the house and the land runs strong in Jacob Quaide, but it is his brother Douglass who has the right to sell their birthright. A reversal in finances has forced Doug to do so, but before it is lost forever, he arranges for critically-acclaimed photographer Savannah Davis to document the colonial building for posterity.

In order to reach Oakwood, Savannah must cross Jake's land. Angry and bitter over his inability to save the house, Jake is none too cooperative. The two strike electric sparks off each other from the start, complicating an already intense situation.

Once Savannah enters the house and each time she returns, it is almost as if she sees a window into the past-glimpses into the lives of Nathan and Emily Jane Quaide, who lived in the house during its prime. What is the purpose of this ghostly show, and despite his bitterness should Savannah try and share the experience with Jake? Are the two of them firmly bound in some way to the house and its circle of life?

(Dec., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith