Image of Now and Then (Spenser Mystery)


Image of Now and Then (Spenser Mystery)

Parker is in top-notch
form with his 35th novel
in the ever popular Spenser series. The ageless P.I.
never ceases to entertain as he
and sidekick Hawk become involved
in an infidelity investigation that evolves into a thoroughly compelling double homicide.

Boston P.I. Spenser takes the case of Dennis Doherty, who believes his wife, Jordan, may be cheating on him. Though Doherty doesn't tell Spenser that he's an FBI agent, he quickly figures this out when he plants a bugging device on Jordan. Spenser not only becomes certain of her infidelity, he believes her lover, Perry, the leader of an anti-government organization, may be using her to obtain secret FBI information.

The case becomes more intriguing when two people are killed. And Susan, Spenser's longtime girlfriend, isn't certain whether Spenser's interest in the infidelity case is purely professional. She remembers when her brief fling nearly crippled their relationship. (Putnam, Nov., 304 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick