At his mother's grave, self-made businessman Adam Webster decides it's time for him to stop "living" at the cemetery and get on with his life. To his surprise, his life takes a wild swerve when he finds himself comforting a beautiful mysterious woman during a rainstorm. After his mystery lady leaves, he realizes that all he knows is her name.

Mia Jacobs is shaken by her encounter with Adam in the cemetery. For years she's kept men and emotion out of her life. She'd even taken a leave of absence from pediatric medicine to escape her past. She never dreamed that a man would ever make her feel the hot, dark passion that Adam evokes.

Her relief at never having to see him again is short-lived when she realizes the jacket he'd loaned her contains his wallet and that he's her employer's best friend. When she sees him again, Adam Webster lets her know, in his quiet, determined way, he must have her.

Carmen Green has debuted with a romance worthy of a veteran author. NOW OR NEVER is a literary temptation few readers will be able to resist. (Nov., 217 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson