The trilogy within the Bullet Catcher series reaches its pinnacle by exposing a deadly and treacherous secret that has spanned decades. The secret child plotline gets a twist as murder and ambition wreak havoc on numerous lives. The damaged relationship between these powerful protagonists gets a second chance through St. Claire's expert handling. Top-notch

Former Bullet Catcher Jack Culver has made it his mission to get justice for Eileen Stafford, the wrongly imprisoned mother of three illegally adopted triplets. Jack's lie about an injury nearly got a fellow Bullet Catcher killed and short-circuited his intense relationship with Agency founder Lucy Sharpe. The evidence that Jack and two fellow agents have managed to dig up on the Stafford case finally convinces Lucy that a full-scale investigation is warranted.

When the primary suspect in a decades-old case is a Supreme Court justice, your evidence better be airtight. As Jack and Lucy begin working together again, the old flames start to flicker. Someone has been willing to kill and kill again to hide the truth. Can Jack and Lucy finally expose it? (POCKET STAR, Sep., 329 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith