Image of Now You See Her (A Samantha Spade Mystery)


Image of Now You See Her (A Samantha Spade Mystery)

Cutting-edge gadgets and offbeat
mystery are delightfully mixed in the second installment of Lovelace's first-person series. Air Force Second Lieutenant Samantha Spade's views
on life, the military and her job are wryly funny, but with the sharp edge
of truth. Samantha's knack for finding trouble ensures readers are in for
plenty of action!

While waiting for her date, Samantha Spade, head of the Future Systems Test Cadre 3, decides to run a quick test on a new gadget: non-line-of-sight goggles. To her surprise, they work, but what she sees is frightening: a man in a ski mask with a gun. Samantha's early warning helps keep bystanders out of danger, and the target, Sgt. Diane Roth, alive. Roth manages to kill the shooter with her car, and no one else is seriously wounded. When the shooter turns out to be a fellow soldier diagnosed with PTSD, the questions start to rise. (PRIME CRIME, May, 240 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith