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Twenty years ago, when she was eight, Olivia Howe was kidnapped and tormented for five days before she escaped. During her captivity, Olivia hit her head and became blind as a result. But with the help of her guide dog, Stasia, Olivia has adjusted to life without sight and even become an artist.

While Olivia lost her eyesight, she gained "second sight." Since then she's also had psychic connections with other kidnapped children, which sometimes allows her to assist the police. Olivia is Christmas shopping when she's suddenly overwhelmed by visions of a kidnapping taking place at a nearby toy store. Although Olivia frantically tries to warn store employees, no one believes her—until eight-year-old Phaedra Burns is discovered missing.

When Det. Max Callahan and his partner Sam O'Reilly hear about Olivia's early warning, she immediately becomes their prime suspect. However, while Sam is convinced of Olivia's complicity, Max begins to believe her. When he learns about Olivia's background he realizes that they have a unique bond, for it was the young Max who saved Olivia's life all those years ago. And since Phaedra was kidnapped on the same date 20 years later, Max and Olivia can't help wondering if there's a connection.

NOW YOU SEE ME is wonderfully drawn suspense that is gritty, chilling and frighteningly eerie. Author Tina Wainscott has really found her niche! (Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith