True-crime writer--and rabbi's wife--Molly Blume Abrams gets an unusual request for help, from a man who's been to three of her book signings.

His 18-year-old Orthodox Jewish niece, Hadassah, is missing. It seems she's run away with a man she met on the Internet, and her reputation would be ruined if the story got out. Molly is reluctant to help: Hadassah's father, Rabbi Bailor, is her former teacher, and they parted on bad terms 14 years ago. But she agrees, and when she starts her inquiries at the Orthodox Jewish school that the rabbi is principal of and that Hadassah attends, she learns that things are very wrong there.

Molly is a great, endearing character. Her religion and her family are very important, and it's interesting to learn about Jewish traditions and the life of the Orthodox believer. Molly and all the characters are realistic, and this book is polished. Both plotting and dialogue are well developed. (Nov., 326 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lorraine Gelly