Image of Numbers Never Lie


Image of Numbers Never Lie

Corporate shenanigans, betrayal and a happy ever after are all highlighted in this exciting thriller by Wall. Although Trev and Sophie are well-suited, their journey to happiness seems insurmountable. The villains are cleverly disguised and will surprise the reader. Additionally, there’s enough technical jargon to give credence to the story without overwhelming the reader.

Trev Prater, a forensics expert for the FBI, believes Sophie Henderson, a manager at a software development company, is responsible for missing funds at Benton & Stanley. Trev masquerades as an IT consultant in order to get close to Sophie. But when Sophie's life is threatened, he begins to believe she is innocent. Trev whisks her away to a secluded location for her protection after he sees data she’s collected that definitely implicates someone in the firm. The couple spends an idyllic few days away from any danger, but upon their return Sophie is under even greater suspicion. Large amounts of cash have been systematically deposited into her bank account and she doesn't know who to trust, especially after she learns Trev's true identity. (CRIMSON ROMANCE, Dec., dl., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown