Tara is a Runner, a warrior, and next in line as ruler of the Runners. She is of an age where she craves knowledge and sets out to explore the world. Intrigued by stories of the Gothman people, she enters Gothman territory disguised as a passive, submissive Gothman woman.

When she meets the leader of the Gothman, Lord Darius Bryton, he realizes that she's a Runner but keeps this knowledge secret. But when Tara finds out that he has claimed her, all secrets are exposed. Tara must decide if she's willing to stay with Darius and give up being a Runner. As for Darius, will he be able to accept a wife who thinks for herself?

O'Clare builds a complicated world that's an interesting mix of the modern and the archaic. Unfortunately, the majority of the characters are unlikable, and the lack of world history is distracting. (dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley