Image of NYPD Puzzle: A Puzzle Lady Mystery (Puzzle Lady Mysteries)


Image of NYPD Puzzle: A Puzzle Lady Mystery (Puzzle Lady Mysteries)

The newest entry in the lovable Puzzle Lady series does not disappoint. Like those before it, NYPD Puzzle is easy to read thanks to Hall’s writing style, intriguing characters and, once again, integrated word and number puzzles that add to the fun. Unlike the previous books, this one builds up more suspense and readers are kept guessing who is responsible for all the mayhem until the final pages.

Cora Felton aka the Puzzle Lady eagerly accepts the offer to accompany attorney Becky Baldwin to a potential client’s New York City penthouse. Cora is getting over a painful breakup and could use a change of pace. When they get there, she and Becky find the man dead with a puzzle on his chest. The killer is still in the apartment so Cora takes a shot at him with her gun before he escapes through a window — and now the NYPD thinks she is responsible for the murder. The real killer is leaving puzzle clues everywhere and stalking Cora and those close to her in his murderous game. Can Cora and the attractive NYPD sergeant assigned to the case find him before he strikes again? (MINOTAUR, Jan., 288 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren DuBois