Image of O'Halloran's Lady


Image of O'Halloran's Lady
O’HALLORAN’S LADY (4) by Fiona Brand: After the death of her military husband, author Jenna Whitmore swears she will not get involved with any man who places himself in the line of fire. That doesn’t stop her heart from doing flips when she sees police detective Marc O’Halloran again. Jenna and Marc share ancient history and a tragic past, but Marc can’t get her out of his mind any more than she can get him out of hers. When Jenna winds up in danger, Marc steps up to protect her. Strong writing, and an intriguing plot with a diabolical villain at its center draw you into the story. Jenna and Marc are sympathetic and strong, and their chemistry holds readers riveted until the very end.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates