Barely escaping from London with their lives, Sherlock Holmes and his protigi, Mary Russell, are in Palestine, under the auspices of Holmes brother Mycroft. Its 1919, the British have freed Palestine from Turkish rule, and the British Government aims to bring peace to Palestine. However, a string of killings has started Muslims and Jews blaming one another.

Arab guides Mahmoud and Ali lead Holmes and Mary through the desert disguised as Bedouins to find the killers. Not only are desert traveling conditions tiresome, but there is danger everywhere.

The murders continue and Holmes and Mary realize that there is a traitor in Mahmoud and Alis network. Their lives, and the future of Palestine, will depend on unmasking the secret agent before he or she discovers the real identities of the Bedouins.

The romance, danger and intrigue that is the Middle East in 1919 comes brilliantly to life in O JERUSALEM. We feel the heat of the desert and experience the dangers and hardships that Holmes and Mary do. Fans of the series should take note that although this is a new release, the action actually takes place earlier in the series. (June, 352pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg