Lang has written a novel that's close to her heart, in which a mother's love for her child knows no boundaries. This book is heart-wrenching but heart-warming at the same time. It brings to light the genetic condition Fragile X Syndrome, which few people know about, unless they have a family history of it.

Talie Ingram has come across a journal written by her great-great-grandmother in the 1800s. As she reads it, she learns of a genetic condition the women in her family carry. Back in the day, those who had it were said to become "feeble-minded."

Talie is terrified of finding out if she and her sister have this condition, so she hides the journal away. But when her own child begins showing signs of it, she knows she must finish the journal and inform her sister. Can Talie overcome her fear and rely on God's strength to see this to the end? (Tyndale, May, 401 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans