The latest in Vincent’s Unbound series is one of the most powerful. Although the book is slow to progress in the beginning, the forthcoming action and excitement more than make up for it. Oath Bound can be read by itself, but is a great continuation from its predecessors Blood Bound and Shadow Bound. There is an aura of darkness to the story being told, but that only makes the stakes higher and the passion stronger. As always, Vincent delivers the goods.

Sera Brandt has been hiding from her past and her power. The Tower runs a powerful and corrupt syndicate, and Sera’s aunt is in control. But things change dramatically when Sera begins to learn about her power and the evil that her family is capable of. Kristopher Daniels has been fighting against the Tower syndicate to protect his sisters. Although Sera is slow to trust him and his family, she discovers they are the only ones who can help her learn the extent of her powers and how to control them. (MIRA, May, 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes