Image of The Object Of His Protection (Kimani Romance)


Image of The Object Of His Protection (Kimani Romance)
The Object of His Protection (4.5) wraps up the Braddocks: Secret Son miniseries in true Brenda Jackson style, with multifaceted characters, a fast-moving story and scintillatingly hot love scenes! The heroine, in particular, has intelligence and strength. P.I. Drey St. John is hired by the Braddocks to solve the their father's death. They don't know the last person their father called was Drey's mother. When Drey confronts her he finds a very personal tie to Harmon Braddock. Charlene Anderson, who works in the coroner's office and is attracted to him, finds the key to Braddock's death. When Charlene's boss writes a different report from his preliminary findings and then warns her away, Charlene is in danger and needs Drey's protection.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims