Upon her husband's death in a violent and sudden explosion in their black powder factory, Elizabeth Lawrence is left to run the business. Having studied chemistry in England, Elizabeth is more than prepared to handle the job and is resigned to marrying her brother-in-law. That is, until her new foreman Michael Patrick O'Brian arrives.

The handsome Irishman is as much a mystery to Elizabeth as her husband's death. She is irresistibly drawn to O'Brian and the ghosts of the past that haunt him.

Working together, sharing the problems of the business and a passion for their new homeland, O'Brian and Elizabeth fall in love. Elizabeth is left to choose between the man she has promised to marry and the man she wants to marry. Yet as the country runs headlong into revolution, Elizabeth finds herself caught in unexpected danger as those closest to her become the real enemy.

O'BRIAN'S BRIDE simmers with sensuality as Elizabeth and O'Brian slowly build their relationship from one of animosity to one of great and lasting passion. Readers will not only enjoy this independent "working woman," but also the large cast of characters and the saga overtones Ms. Faulkner has generously added to the tale, along with a murder (albeit predictable) mystery. SENSUAL (Apr., 416 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin