Stephen Friedman, a Jewish orphan of World War II, vows to keep his past buried beneath his drive for success as a real estate agent in 1970s Los Angeles. Then a woman dies and leaves behind a portion of a priceless Old Testament relic, along with a clue that implies she is his mother.

Stunned into facing questions about his heritage, Stephen plans to find the rest of the relic as his inheritance. But there's one big problem—someone else is equally obsessed about getting to the lost treasure, and this guy has plenty of trained help and no conscience. Driven to persist against the odds, Stephen has no idea that the truth is bizarre beyond his imagination, and the real treasure is not a physical object but a faith he thought was obsolete.

Dekker is in his usual fast-paced form. What he lacks in depth of characterization, he regains in heart-stopping twists and turns. (Feb., 400 pp., $21.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson