Image of Obsessed by Him (The Billionaire's Club)


Image of Obsessed by Him (The Billionaire's Club)

Full of raw emotion and drenched in sensuality, Garnier’s Billionaire’s Club is sumptuous and sinful. Series fans will delight in having all these mega-rich alpha males in one volume, and new readers can now indulge in this all-access pass to a world of decadence, pleasure and shocking, transformative passion. Garnier crafts compelling, refreshingly uncommon characters, and her writing is beautifully evocative, drawing the reader into the settings and relationships and holding them captive until the final wrenching, triumphant scene.

Meet eccentric tech wizard Graves Buchanan, whose passion for his best friend’s little sister may prove his undoing; insatiable Luke Preston, whose search for the perfect woman begins with a bullet to the heart; Andrew Fairchild, who is called to face his childhood sweetheart; Daniel Lexington, who is fighting a blazing attraction to his heartbroken friend; and Cade West, who hopes to forget his own heartbreak in a high-stakes game of strip poker with the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. They are the men of the Billionaire’s Club: five of the wealthiest men in the world, accustomed to indulging every desire and sating their every hunger. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Jan., 496 pp., $15.99)

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Bridget Keown