Image of Obsession


Image of Obsession

Twisty and terrifying describe this top-notch romantic thriller by the awesome Robards. The heroine's inner confusion gives the actions of all of her characters an ominous vibe, ratcheting up the tension level. Robards has really outdone herself this time.

For Katherine Lawrence, being brutally beaten and seeing masked men murder her friend is traumatic enough. But then she wakes up in the hospital and has trouble remembering herself. Katherine doesn't even recognize her reflection in the mirror, but everyone else does, including her boss and boyfriend, CIA agent Ed Barnes.

Katherine's instincts scream at her to run far away from everything and everyone, but when she does, she's attacked again. Dr. Dan Howard saves her and agrees to help her hide. How can she explain to Dan the sense of fear she feels when she can't understand it herself? But the bigger question is: Can she trust him? (PUTNAM, Apr., 340 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith