It's fascinating to follow the twisting trail of clues in Kellerman's well-oiled novels, but what really cements him as a great storyteller are his intense characters, and the way friendships have evolved over the course of this long-running series. This is great stuff.

A cryptic statement by a dying mother embroils child psychologist Alex Delaware in what may or may not be an old murder case. Before nurse Patty Bigelow died of cancer, she told her college-age daughter, Tanya, of some terrible thing she had done in the past. When Tanya was a child, Alex helped her cope with OCD, and now Tanya would like Alex to help her determine if her mother really was involved in a person's death.

Since Alex's best friend, L.A. police lieutenant Milo Sturgis also knew Patty, he agrees to do a cursory check into the past. When a man is murdered shortly after Alex and Milo speak with him, they realize they're onto something. But unraveling the past is no easy task, since they have little information or evidence to go on. Of greater concern to Alex is whether or not this quest will put Tanya in the line of fire. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 368 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith