Perrin's latest has a straightforward plot and a strong, credible conflict. The sex scenes have a high degree of heat too. However, Sophie's not terribly sympathetic most of the time. Her reactions to certain situations -- especially her final confrontation with Peter -- just don't ring true, and the ending's a bit too pat.

Teacher Sophie Gibson is devastated when she learns that her husband, Andrew, has been unfaithful. The idea of taking a lover to even the score holds little appeal -- until she meets Peter in a club. A filmmaker, Peter's gorgeous and makes no secret of his desire for her. Sensual, wicked and wild in bed, Peter fulfills Sophie's hottest sexual fantasies ... and then some. But he's moody, unpredictable and ultimately possessive enough to frighten Sophie. And he doesn't take her decision to end their affair well at all. (SPICE, Sep., 336 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer