Image of Obsession Wears Opals (Jaded Gentleman)


Image of Obsession Wears Opals (Jaded Gentleman)

The men of Bernard’s Jaded Gentlemen series may have uncovered a cache of priceless jewels, but each learns that the true gem is a woman to love. Passion and adventure seamlessly blend as Bernard stirs a tale steeped in intrigue and secrets, keeping pages turning and interest high.

Why is Darius Thorne staying in Scotland? It has more to do with a damsel in distress than quietly selling the jewels the Jaded Gentleman brought home from India, or uncovering the mystery behind a stone that could be a sacred relic. The reclusive scholar becomes Lady Isabel Netherton’s protector. Having fled her sadistic husband, Isabel is unwilling to disclose her identity to Thorne. As they play chess, they play as pawns in a competition that will lead to love. Clever Thorne knows only villains hide behind masks, and he’s out to unmask Helen’s husband and set her free. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Dec., 300 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin