Hannah Ives and her sisters are shocked when their dad, George, introduces them to Darlene, his new ladylove. Hes 70 and recently widowed. Darlene, who is much younger, is obviously a gold digger, and three times widowed at that.

Although the family makes their feelings known, George is determined to lead his own life. Before the upcoming nuptials can take place, however, murder rears its ugly head, and George, the chief suspect, disappears without a trace.

The police consider the disappearance a sure sign of guilt but Hannah knows better. She sets out to clear her fathers good name but first, shell have to find him!

Marcia Talley writes domestic mysteries with a decided air of expertiseher family situations always ring true. In addition, the mystery is well-plotted and will hold you baffled until the surprising denouement. (Aug., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg