For four years, marine biologist Abigail Drake has tried to forget the passion and pain that loving Interpol agent Aleksandr Volstov has caused her. While on her way back to shore after a swim near her Sea Haven, California, home, Abigail witnesses the shooting of two men—including the murder of Aleksandr's partner.

Despite their past misunderstandings and the tragedy that lies between them, Aleksandr is determined to reclaim Abigail as his soul mate. But, she is guarding her heart this time…and is now on home turf with her sisters behind her.

Aleksandr's current case involves art theft and murder, but could there be more at stake? Abigail's special truth-seeking ability could be invaluable—if she dares to trust it. However, it may take the combined resources of the paranormal Drake sisters to stop this conspiracy.

This magical series about the sisters with something extra explores the powers and familial relationships of seven sisters and the men destined to love them. Oceans of Fire is a rousing romantic thriller and a true classic! (Jun., 356 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith