Image of Odd Hours


Image of Odd Hours

No one does a better job of evoking
an eerie atmosphere than Koontz. This fourth chapter in the adventures of the totally unique Odd Thomas moves the action to a lonely beach community where an apocalypse is in the offing. Koontz's lyrical style envelops his story and Odd's first-person narration with
an otherworldly vibe that's as mysterious as it is beautiful. As the ending clearly indicates, Odd's strange journey is just beginning!

After his most recent adventures, fry cook turned wanderer Odd Thomas expects to return home, but once again an inner compass sends him elsewhere. The small community of Magic Beach appears peaceful enough, but after rescuing a mysterious pregnant girl and escaping from three violent thugs, Odd knows different.

Dreams of a devastating red tide haunt him, warning of dangerous events. Although pregnant Annamaria reveals nothing about herself, Odd instinctively knows he must protect her. To do that, he must unlock the deadly secrets of Magic Beach. (BANTAM, Jun., 352 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith