Image of Odd Is on Our Side (Graphic Novel)


Image of Odd Is on Our Side (Graphic Novel)

Odd Thomas is likable, awkward, and sweetly clever, which has all the makings for a hauntingly fun and noteworthy read! Three cheers, let's hear it for Koontz's Odd Thomas.

This is second book in the Odd Thomas graphic novel series. Set in Pico Mundo, CA, Odd Thomas is spooked by the creepy feeling nudging his gut. His job in the real world is being a fry cook. But it's Halloween and although it is a given that this time of year paranormal creatures are on the hunt, he suspects that a few restless spirits are up to very dastardly deeds. How does he gather that? Well, Odd Thomas can see spirits, and what’s he’s seeing is making him nervous. With the help of his girlfriend Stormy, they pursue their own suspicions, hoping to stop the evil deeds before they can come to fruition. (Del Rey, Oct., 186 pp., $10.99, Graphic Novel, ISBN: 9780345515605)
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Ruth Walters