Catherine Coulter has expanded her 1981 short regency romance, An Honorable Offer, enlarging it in scope, emotion, plot and length, making it a more intense historical.

After her brother-in-law's attempted rape, and her sister's refusal to listen to her, Lady Sabrina Eversleigh flees into a snowstorm.

Caught in the blizzard, Peter Mercerault finds the unconscious young woman and carries her to a nearby hunting lodge where he tenderly nurses her near-frozen body. What neither of them seem to realize is that because of his heroic act Sabrina has been hopelessly compromised.

Sabrina refuses Peter's offer of marriage until it becomes evident that she must marry, not only for her reputation, but her family and her safety. Then she offers Peter a proposal-marriage, her large dowry and his freedom.

Peter accepts, hoping to win the lovely Sabrina, but her fear of a man's touch sends him away and by the time Sabrina realizes she's in love with her husband he's visiting his mistress and an unusual confrontation takes place. Now these stubborn newlyweds must find a way to solve their problems.

Catherine Coulter knows her historical backdrop like the back of her hand and Regency fans will adore this intriguing tale in its longer format. A large and interesting cast of characters, complex emotional issues and several interesting subplots keep those pages flying. Enjoy! SENSUAL (Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin