Image of Oh Dear Silvia: A Novel


Image of Oh Dear Silvia: A Novel

Celebrated English actress and comedian French makes her American literary debut with a deeply compelling story told through first-person narration by various friends and family members of a woman in a coma. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, at times just plain crazy, each interaction tells the story of Silvia’s life in a natural, unfolding manner. Long-held secrets are revealed and forgiveness is sought in an emotionally charged story.

A tumble from a balcony leaves Silvia Shute unconscious and in a hospital bed. As she lies there, unable to communicate, friends and family gather to visit. With each subsequent chapter, they reminisce about their personal, and sometimes strained, relationships with Silvia. As Silvia’s life is pieced together, bit by bit, through their perspective, a clear picture of the complexity of relationships emerges — and a stunning revelation points to the old adage saying that not everything is black and white. (Harper, Jun., 338 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch