Image of Oh-So-Sensible Secretary


Image of Oh-So-Sensible Secretary

OH-SO-SENSIBLE SECRETARY (4.5) by Jessica Hart: Being assigned to work with reality-TV personality Phinneas Gibson when he's taken on as a figurehead director at his family's company is straight-laced Summer Curtis' worst nightmare. Phin's outrageous -- hilarious, undisciplined and totally unsuited to corporate life. He's also gorgeous, and willing to pretend-date his personal assistant until she wins her ex-boyfriend back, so Summer's prepared to make allowances. Then pretense becomes reality, just in time for Summer to be offered her dream job -- working for Phin's brother. Hart triumphs with a truly rare story, and not just because it's told in Summer's first-person point of view. It's witty and charming, and Phin's a keeper -- just like this book.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer