Image of Oklahoma Wedding Bells


Image of Oklahoma Wedding Bells

Not since the film Far and Away has the Oklahoma Land Rush been turned into such an exciting, fun, historically accurate love story. Finch’s signature repartee, action and sensuality shine in this sassy depiction. Readers will enjoy the unlikely romance and smile at the characters’ antics and double love story, making this quick read ideal for a holiday break.

Jossie Malloy is determined to claim land and independence in the Rush. However, the men in the makeshift camp believe she needs a husband. She’s turned down a hundred proposals, until horse trader Sol Tremain saves her from her runaway horse. The half-Cheyenne lawman is in the camp hunting a gang of con men and gunslingers who prey on the settlers. Meeting Tremain gives Jossie an idea: If she can convince him to pose as her fiancé until the day of the Rush, she’ll get rid of the annoying proposals. No one counts on their passionate attraction. (HARLEQUIN, Dec., 300 pp., $6.25)
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Kathe Robin