Financial consultant Daria Morgan is flabbergasted when her mother tells her that she has a predestined soul mate. As a witch practitioner, she's never given love much thought. Her previous relationships were ho-hum, and not one man has ever touched her heart--until she meets John Benthausen, an expert in turning struggling companies around. Bent's entry into her life makes her want to jump his bones, not to mention capture his heart.

Bent's love life has been a disappointment. He is leery of anything more than a roll in the hay. But his rule about not getting involved romantically goes up in flames when he meets Daria. She agrees to help spirit out who is embezzling funds. When her life is threatened, Bent is furious. Somehow, against his better judgment, he is falling for the green-eyed witch.

Bent soon learns from her family that Daria is indeed a real witch. He's not sure if he believes their ludicrous tale or not, but Daria soon makes a believer out of him. As for her claim that they are soul mates, again he has to be shown the truth before he believes.

Macela has broadened magic and romance horizons with this different tale of love. Corporate espionage and wonderful secondary characters make this book an enjoyable read. (Oct., 300 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith