It takes guts for an author to destroy the community that her series is named for, but Sandlin turns in another fast-paced outing with the third book in the Penton Legacy saga. Readers who have followed the saga from the beginning will be delighted to note that Will Ludlam finally takes center stage here. This series continues to ratchet up the drama and this reader hopes that Hollywood will take notice: Penton vampires do not sparkle or kill randomly; these are romances for adult audiences.

After the destruction of their community by Matthias Ludlam and his tribunal-backed cronies, Aidan Murphy’s scathe of humans and vampires went underground to a bunker code-named Omega. Designed by Matthias’ estranged son Will for short-term living, neither he nor Aidan expected the elder Ludlam to stay in Penton while attempting to capture Will and kill Aidan and former enforcer Mirren Kincaid. Trapped and injured by an attack on one of Omega’s entrances, Will and his partner, former Army officer Randa Thomas, come to terms with, and begin to trust, each other. With the siege of Omega continuing, Will and Randa come up with a startling solution that could save the Penton scathe. (MONTLAKE, Feb., 328 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice