Fans can rejoice for the reprint of Lori Foster's first two stories in her Buckhorn Brothers' series, Sawyer and Morgan, has arrived.

The eldest Hudson, Sawyer, is out mending a fence with his son Casey when a car crashes onto his ranch property and lands in the lake. Sawyer and Casey drag Honey Malone out of her precariously sinking car just in time. However, she's terribly sick and has a slight concussion. Someone is chasing her, she realizes, but she doesn't know who or why.

Sawyer is determined that Honey stay with him, Casey, and his three brothers until she is well. Even though these men are hunks, Honey isn't the least bit intimidated. She knows just how to handle them, especially the eldest, doctor Sawyer.

Town sheriff and control freak Morgan Hudson is way out of his league when he meets the flighty, flirty and broke Missy Malone, Honey's sister. Not only that, she is also pregnant, homeless and broke. When she comes to Buckhorn for Honey's wedding, she's planning to stay for a while.

The best thing about Lori Foster is her characters. She gives them hopes, dreams, problems and love. Her series are so much fun to read because she makes you feel like you're visiting family with each and every book. (Jun., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell