Until recently Molly Chamberlain thought she had it all: a charming husband, work she enjoyed and a baby on the way. Then Robert drops a bomb: he would rather be married to an influential fellow attorney.

To add insult to injury, Robert cleans out their house while Molly is at her OB-GYN. So here she is, dumped by her husband, sitting in a house she cant afford, with no furniture. Arriving for work Robert ordered, handyman and craftsman Rafe Garrick discovers a distraught Molly crying in her empty house. Strapped for cash himself, Rafe offers to work around Mollys house to pay back the advance Robert gave him. Despite her pregnancy, anger and despair, Molly finds herself highly attracted to the darkly handsome Rafe.

Molly attracted Spencer Mackenzie even before her marriages break-up. As her divorce attorney, he can get to know her better and ease her financial burden. He helps Molly find someone to share her house and expenses.

Dr. Jessy Wyatt is a new OB-GYN resident at the Princeton hospital. Her small town upbringing has not prepared her for the cost of living or the social structure of the town. Despite the obvious benefit of their sharing a house, Jessy and Molly dont seem destined to become great friends. To complicate matters, Jessy takes one look at Spencer and falls head over heels in love. Love, attraction and logic do not always go hand in hand. Are these socially and economically mismatched couples doomed from the start?

Ms. Bretton expertly weaves together second chances and affairs of the heart to form this delightful book. As always, a wonderful reading experience. (Aug., 338 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith