Melanie Travis is heartsick that her longtime love Sam has walked out but shes too busy to let that get her down. Shes showing her standard Poodle, Faith, looking forward to her brother Franks wedding to Bertie, and, if thats not enough, ex-hubby Bob, father of her son Davey, has walked back into her life.

The wedding should be a piece of cake for Bertie has asked dog handler Sara Bentley to arrange the wedding. Although shes had no experience with such matters, Sara agrees to do so.

Soon after, Sara vanishes, her cottage burns, and a corpse is discovered. Is Sara the murder victim and if so, who wants her dead? With considerable experience as an amateur sleuth, Melanie goes searching for answers but all she comes up with are plenty of suspects and even more questions.

A devilishly good mystery, a tangled romance, and fascinating dog facts make TWICE BITTEN a winner. This series gets stronger with each book and Ms. Berenson gives us an exceptional plot, not to mention a teaser ending! (Sep., 288 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg