Turn up the air conditioner before you start sizzling with ARIZONA HEAT (4.5), the latest scorcher from the pen of the always wonderful Jennifer Greene. A worried sister heads West when she loses touch with her younger brother and seeks the help of a sexy veterinarian, who just may know where her sibling might be found. Ms. Greene outdoes herself with memorable characteristics and a romance hotter than the firecrackers of the Fourth of July.

Kristin James AKA Candace Camp makes a more than welcome reappearance in the Silhouette line-up with ONCE IN A BLUE MOON (4). A sultry TV soap opera vamp is dismayed when a ghost from the past turns up in the role of her latest love interest. Ms. James turns the heat way, way up as this appealing couple struggle to resolve their painful feelings and reach out to a new tomorrow. Put on the asbestos gloves before reading!

Talented new author Pamela Ingrahm makes a winning debut with COWBOY HOMECOMING (4). After an injury sidelines a handsome fighter pilot, he decides to visit the ranch he left in the care of his cousin, only to discover that it has been sold for back taxes to a lovely quiltmaker. Ms. Ingrahm dresses up a classic plotline with innovative plot twists, appealing characterizations and strong emotional intensity.

Lass Small turns her inimitable eye to the world of pop music in the delicious WHATEVER COMES (4). A reclusive rock star turns the tables on a beautiful journalist whose latest article paints him as a notorious ladies' man. Ms. Small is in fine form here in this highly entertaining duel of hearts.

After the death of her father, a lovely artist decides to sell the Montana family ranch to reinvest the proceeds in an art gallery partnership. The only fly in the ointment is a first sale option that can be exercised by her handsome neighbor, once the subject of a teenage REBEL LOVE (2). Jackie Merritt makes the sparks fly fast and furiously between this explosive pair of past and future lovers.

Joan Elliott Pickart gets her latest offering, ANGELS AND ELVES (1), off to a delicious start as a handsome architect is dragooned by his very pregnant sister into helping a beautiful romance author relax after a stressful book tour. Although the frequent justification of the romance genre seems something of an artificial contrivance, you can't help rooting for this appealing couple as they search for their happy ending.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer